Mysilio PresentsExquisite Garden

Welcome to Exquisite Garden, a Web Monetized, interactive exquisite corpse game. Exquisite Corpse  is a game invented 100 years ago by the surrealist writer Andre Breton, and has since grown to take a number of forms, like this one.

How do I play?

Click the link below to get started.  You’ll be taken to a screen with one sentence, written by the previous participant. Add on to the story by submitting a new piece of text that furthers the narrative. After you’ve submitted your next piece of writing, you’ll be able to view the entirety of the story from all other participants (and tip the contributions you love the most!).

Who built this?

Mysilio is a consulting firm dedicated to building web technology that supports networks of caring, interdependent humans. This is one of many experiments we're running with Web Monetization and Solid, supported by the generous grant funding of Grant for the Web. To learn more about our work and our experiments, you can 

What is Web Monetization?

Web Monetization  is a proposed W3C standard that enables website visitors with the ability to stream micropayments directly to content creators, tip to reward particularly good content, and even gate content on payment, providing a viable alternative to advertising based buisiness models on the web. Monetizing your site is easy! All you need to do is add the following <meta> tag to the <head> section of all pages on your website.

<meta name="monetization" content="$YourPaymentPointer" />

What is Solid?

Social Linked Data, or Solid, is a proposed W3C standard for giving users control over their online presence and ownship over their data. With Solid personal data is stored in shared RDF datastores, and the user can upload, revoke, or reshare the data in their datastore at any time, with any app. For developers building apps on top of this data, Solid provides a rich toolset for data interoperability and storage, allowing interactive applications like this one to be built quickly without deploying additional backend servers.

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